Ecukes version 0.0.2

Version 0.0.2 of Ecukes is out. The release mostly contains bug fixes and better testing.

Here’s a list of changes:

  • The message function is not adviced anymore. Instead the *Messages* buffer is checked for messages.
  • Added helper functions to avoid cluttering down the test output.
  • Added Setup and Teardown hooks. Setup is run once before and Teardown once after.
  • Table steps argument is now a list, where the car is the header and the cdr are the rows.
  • Creating a new project is done with “ecukes –init” instead of “ecukes-init” (Thanks Daniel Hackney).

Some updates has also been made in Espuds.

Since the first release of Ecukes Drag Stuff and Wrap Region have implemented tests with Ecukes. Work is also being done to implement tests for Keats and Rinari.

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