Package spec for package.el

Package spec is a simple DSL for package.el where you can specify sources and packages. Package spec is based on code from starter-kit-elpa.el in the Emacs starter kit.

To use package-spec, simply put package-spec in Emacs load-path and require it.

(add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/package-spec")
(require 'package-spec)

Once installed, create a file in ~/.emacs.d called package-spec.el. In that file you can use to functions: source and package. For example:

(source "elpa" "")
(source "marmalade" "")
(package "drag-stuff")
(package "wrap-region")
(package "ruby-end")
(package "magit")

Then just restart Emacs and those packages will be installed and loaded automatically.


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