Wrap region 0.4.0

I just updated wrap region to version 0.4.0. The update includes two important changes: custom trigger key and mode specific wrappers.

Custom trigger key

When you add a wrapper, say ( and ), the left punctuation will be used as the trigger key. Now you can add wrappers with a custom trigger key. For example, lets say you want p to wrap with the p-tag. Then you can do this:

(wrap-region-add-wrapper "<p>" "</p>" "p")

This feature is implemented by tkf, thanks!

Mode specific wrappers

The most notable feature though is mode specific wrappers. This allow you to specify wrappers for specific modes. The docstring for wrap-region-add-wrapper now looks like this:

(wrap-region-add-wrapper LEFT RIGHT &optional KEY MODE-OR-MODES)

An example usage is the wrapper above. That wrapper only makes sense in html-mode, which can be specified.

(wrap-region-add-wrapper "<p>" "</p>" "p" 'html-mode)

Now p will only wrap in html-mode.

Lets say you want # to wrap with # and # in all modes except css-mode and java-mode, then # should wrap with a comment (/* and */).

(wrap-region-add-wrapper "#" "#")
(wrap-region-add-wrapper "/*" "*/" "#" '(css-mode java-mode))

This feature is implemented by me and tkf, thanks again! :)

Check out the README for more information.

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