Enclose and Wrap Region

Wrap Region is an Emacs minor mode that wraps a region with punctuations, much like in TextMate.

When no region is selected and a wrap key is pressed, Wrap Region would insert both punctuations and place the cursor in between, also much like in TextMate.

In my opinion, since I like to keep things to the point, Wrap Region should do one job (wrap text) and do that good. That’s why I decided to split up Wrap Region into Wrap Region and Enclose.

Wrap Region

Wraps selected text with punctuations or tag. If no region is selected, fall back.

Works like before, only that the double insertion of punctuations is gone.

Source: http://github.com/rejeep/wrap-region


Enclose cursor within punctuations. If region is selected, fall back.

Enclose mode was built from scratch, with inspiration taken from TextMate. Enclose keeps a hash with keys that will enclose. Pressing any of those keys will insert that key and its right buddy, and place the cursor in between.

When cursor is in focus (not moved since inserting punctuations), pressing DEL will remove both punctuations, and pressing the right punctuation, will jump right over it.

See source for installation and usage examples.

Source: http://github.com/rejeep/enclose

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