Ecukes v0.6

100 commits later and Ecukes v0.6 is ready, full with new awesome features. Here’s a list of features and changes. If you are using Ecukes you should read this because there are a few breaking changes.

New features

  1. Ecukes depends on Espuds by default, so you no longer have to add both ecukes and espuds as dependencies in your Cask-file
  2. Support for reporters. These are currently supported:
    • dot (default)
    • magnars
    • spec
    • gangsta
    • landing
    • progress
  3. To list all reporters, run the command list-reporters and to select a reporter, use -r <reporter> or --reporter <reporter>
  4. Added --timeout <seconds> (-t <seconds>) option for async step definitions to specify custom timeout. If exceeded, an error occurs.
  5. It’s possible to run scenarios that matches pattern with --patterns <*> (-p <*>)
  6. It’s possible to run scenarios that does not matches pattern with --anti-patterns <*> (-a <*>)
  7. If you run and some scenarios fail, you can run only them with --only-failing (-f)
  8. Add support to log error backtrace to file on error with --error-log <file> (-l <file>)
  9. Support for default options via a .ecukes file (one option per row)

Breaking changes

  1. The ECUKES_EMACS variable is replaced in favor of EMACS
  2. The --dbg option have changed name to --debug
  3. The --list-steps is no longer an option but a commaned called list-steps
  4. The --new is no longer an option but a commaned called new
  5. Mode options have changed (and does no longer need to be first option):
    • --script (default)
    • --win
    • --no-win (was previously default)
  6. All files are read as utf-8
  7. Features files are fetched recursive if a directory specified
  8. The deprecated ecukes binary in the Ecukes root has been removed, use bin/ecukes instead (Cask will do this automatically if you run cask exec ecukes)

It’s also worth running cask exec ecukes -h and reading through the new README.

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