Cask v0.5

Cask v0.5 is released! The release mostly includes small changes such as bug fixes, clean up and code refactoring. But there are a few features worth mentioning.

Upgrade command

Previously, updating Cask has been somewhat of pain. Now it’s as simple as running cask upgrade. This will upgrade Cask, but also all of Cask’s dependencies.

Outdated command

Now you can find out what packages are outdated by running the command cask outdated. This command will print a list of all dependencies with a newer version available. It will print the package name, current version and new available version.


To handle the many quirks and inconsistencies in package.el, we wrote a package called epl.el, which is a layer on top of package.el. It has a nice interface and works from Emacs 23 to trunk.

Google group

Development related discussion has been moved to the Google group!forum/cask-dev. Please come over and say hi!

Cask v0.6

Cask is being actively developed and the future promises a lot of features that will make Emacs package development a breeze. If you are interested in what’s comming, check out Also, follow the development of the next big release at Github

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