Prodigy - Emacs service manager

I came up with the idea of Prodigy when I got to work one Monday morning and before I could start working I had to manually start ten or so services. That means:

  • Open ten tabs in the terminal
  • Navigate to each project
  • Remember how to start that service and do that
  • Find the right tab when you want to check the logs for a service
  • And moreā€¦

Prodigy provides a Magit-like GUI to manage services in a simple way from Emacs. Now I can with a few keystrokes close down all my services when I go home from work and start them when I get to work.

Services are created using prodigy-define-service:

  :name "Project X"
  :cwd "~/Code/project"
  :command "nodemon"
  :args '("")
  :tags '(work test)
  :port 9001)

Start Prodigy using M-x prodigy. See more information at

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