wrap-region updates

Actually, the first post I made in this blog was about the first minor mode I ever did, Wrap Region. That was more than a year ago. I have learnt a lot since then and when I looked through the source code I found some stuff that needed a refreshment.

What I did was a lot of code cleanup and a bug fix for when wrapping region with tag. I also added a global mode to activate wrap-region in all buffers. The more notable change I did was that I added better support for “insert twice”.

Insert twice

If you set wrap-region-insert-twice to t, when no region is selected and a punctuation key is hit, that key and its right buddy will be inserted.

The updates in this version are:

  1. If you hit a punctuation key without having selected a region, hitting DEL will remove both the left and right punctuation.
  2. If you right after hitting the punctuation key, hit the right buddy to it, it will jump over the right one.

In both the above cases, this is only true if you hit a punctuation key and don’t move the cursor. As soon as your cursor moves, it is disabled.

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