JDE 2.3.6 Portage ebuild

If you’re a Java programmer and use Emacs you most likely use JDE. Development has been on hold for quite a while now, but the lead developer Paul Kinnucan has recently been doing some updates.

This is a quote from the Emacs Wiki

January 2009: latest version is very old and has lots of known bugs.
Don’t use it and use the unreleased 2.3.6 instead, available as a branch
inside the Subversion repositoy at:
https://jdee.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/jdee. The main Subversion branch
(labelled as JDEE has less fixes than 2.3.6. So use 2.3.6! (unless new
versions had appeared by the time you read this).

For you Gentoo (Portage) users, I made an ebuild for this release. It’s available among my ebuilds at Github. The ebuild also include a patch for removing unused imports.

Note that you need Ant and SVN to use this ebuild!

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